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The Grand Canyon in Arizona

An easy day today as we leave Kaytena for the Grand Canyon. We stop off at the Navajo trading post, where I bought a wolf t-shirt. Its only a few hours drive before we arrive at the Canyon. It seems fitting that this is the last highlight of the tour because the view is just breathtaking and probably tops everything we have seen to date.

The Grand Canyon

We spent the afternoon walking along the rim and taking photos. Our hotel was in the South Rim village which is serviced by a free shuttle We left the hotel around 5pm and walked along the rim as the sun started to set. The sunset brought out the colours of the canyon.

The Grand Canyon

Dinner was at the Maswick lodge. As a group we all sat together and had a drink before dinner. After dinner 10 of us stayed on (4xNew Zealanders, 4xAussies and 2xBrits) whilst the coach returned, getting the last shuttle back to the hotel at 10pm. It was very dark in the park at this time of night and slightly eerie!

We had breakfast early and we went for a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon

It really is the best way to see the canyon. The canyon is so big that you don’t feel like you are moving that quickly in the helicopter. We got some excellent photos.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

The helicopter was flown by a young lady and I knew we were in for a smooth flight, when she got into the helicopter and placed her mug of coffee on the floor. It didn’t move a millimetre through the trip.

After the flight we departed the Grand Canyon heading for Las Vegas,  stopping on the way at Seligman which is a little town on route 66.


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  • The Grand Canyon looks so incredible. Love your photographs too.


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