My Travelling Essentials

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During my many years of travelling experiences I have collected a number of items which are always on my travel inventory.

Apple Air Tags

Apple Air tags are one of the best items I have purchased in the last year. I store one in my suitcase and one in my rucksack, enabling me to know where my belongings are where ever I am. The tags send out a secure bluetooth signal which can be tracked in the “Find My” app on the iPhone via a Map. The process is anonymous and encrypted to protect privacy.

Sea to Summit Tableware

When I am travelling, I sometimes prefer to picnic or buy food from a supermarket and eat in my hotel room. This helps keep costs down, leaving me more money to spend on the travel experience! Some of the most useful items I have purchased are the Sea to Summit tableware. These items are lightweight and fold away into a convenient flat pack, enabling them to be easily stored in a backpack or suitcase.

X-Large Plate

X-Large Cereal/Soup Bowl

X-Large Mug for Hot & Cold Drinks

FitnesCity Titanium Utility Cutlery Set

A lightweight and durable cutlery set which I always take with me when I am travelling or hiking. The 3 in 1 spork is made from titanium and has a handy bottle opener and washable cloth carry case. These backpacking spork are easy to wash, super strong, lightweight and ideal for camping and travelling.

The Little Bodhi MicroFibre Towel

I have lost count of the number of times I have started off on a hike, only for the heavens to open. This handy towel is lightweight and easy to carry and has saved me more than once from remaining soaked after the downpour. 

Scrubba Washbag

I am prone to over packing when I go travelling, ensuring I have enough clothes for every eventuality from very cold to super warm. However with this really useful washbag which is I can wash my clothes overnight. The bag has a built in scrubbing system which when used with laundry detergent enables me to wash clothes ready for the next day. This has been a travel changer enabling me to travel light and not worry about running out of clean clothes! 

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