River Moriston Falls in the Highlands

A mile from Loch Ness, you will find the small village of Invermoriston.  “Inver” means at the mouth of a river and because this village is at the mouth of the River Moriston, this is how the village became to be known as “Invermoriston”.

Invermorison lies on the Great Glen Way, a long distance walk which opened in 2002. The Great Glen Way is very popular with hikers and runs between Fort William and Inverness, covering a distance of 79 miles.

You could easily drive through Invermoriston, without realising this beauty spot is worth 30 minute of your time.  The village has a free car park by the village hall and there is a path which leads behind the hall and through into the woods.

A short stroll takes you along this path running along the side of the river. You can take a rest on this quirky seat and watch the world go by, including paddlers who like to negotiate the falls and rapids down this part of the Moriston. During high water levels this makes for a very fast flowing river which gives the keen water sportsperson a challenge.

Just a short distance walk along the path and through the trees. you can see the River Moriston in all its glory. The river was moving quite swiftly along this stretch.

In the far distance of the above photo you will notice two stones bridges.  The first bridge is the A887 road which runs through the village and is known as Invermoriston bridge. It is a two lane bridge for motor vehicles.

You can walk up onto the bridge and on both sides you will see lovely views. The first view is looking back to the place where the photo of the two bridges above was taken.  A stone summer house is located on the edge of the bank which is now owned by Historic Scotland. A lovely spot to sit and take in the river on a warm and sunny day.

This bank where the seat is located, has a very interesting structure of big stones laid one on top of each other. Would anyone sit there if they could see the bank from this angle?

The second bridge was built by Thomas Telford who was a Scottish civil engineer, architect and stone mason. It took 8 years to build and was completed in 1813 when it became known as the Telford bridge. This single track bridge used to be the main bridge which ran along the road between Drumnadrochit and Fort Augustus, however it was replaced in the 1930 by the Invermoriston Bridge.

With a little care and some climbing, it is possible to get to the Telford bridge on foot, which gives further views along the River Moriston.

I would definitely recommend a stop off in Invermoriston. As well as the stunning scenery, you can also visit the Clog and Craft shop which has some unsual items for sale including authentic clogs, leather crafts, silver and metal jewellery.

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36 thoughts on “River Moriston Falls in the Highlands

  1. I love travelling and these pictures look amazing. I don’t travel enough in the UK, which i know i need to do more of. The kids need to see the beautiful country we live in.

  2. What gorgeous photos! I think I’ve just added this to my list of placed I’d love to visit, and it wasn’t on my radar at all previously!

  3. Se manifique views! Love your photo journal and descriptions! This is an amazing place and i would love to visit there

  4. There are so many gorgeous places you can easily drive past in Scotland so I’m glad you got to share this little gem with us. That stone bench is fabulous, a quirky way of taking in the beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing a bit of peace and tranquility with us 🙂

  5. More beautiful photos Sam! Loving your posts on the nature in Scotland and those bridges are so wonderful. You’re making me want to visit Scotland more and more.

  6. lovely photographs! Scotland never fails to appeal – it is such a beautiful country!
    I have subscribed 🙂

  7. Ah it looks lovely and it would be amazing to visit and hike a stretch of the Great Glen Way. Love the photos!

  8. What an enchanting place this is. I would love to take as stroll in the woods and reach this beautiful falls. I am sure it is a an experience to cherish for a long, long time.

  9. This is exactly what I pictured parts of Scotland to look like. I love it and can’t wait to visit and do some hiking. Thanks for sharing the great photos!

  10. Fabulous pictures of River Moriston and the Falls. This looks like an ideal place to stop and have lunch or a picnic along side the falls. Especially if you see kayakers ripping through those marvelous falls!

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