Bryce Canyon National Park

We arrived in Bryce Canyon early evening.

The rain continued to hold off a little so we could see the beauty of Sunset point.

We then went onto Ruby’s Inn (Best Western) for our overnight stay.

We had an included dinner, but it was very busy so had to wait some time before we could be seated. There was no bar at the inn, which was a little strange. The room was in a lodge and was in a block of probably about 30 rooms.

It rained nonstop all night and when we woke up it was still raining.

We left the Inn, for another view over Bryce Canyon. It was very foggy because of the rain and the altitude, but we were able to get a very slight view over Fairyland Canyon. It was a little disheartening as you knew it was such a pretty place but we were missing out on its beauty.

We left Bryce for the capital of Utah, Salt Lake City. It was at this point we realised that there were actually two coaches doing the tour – 104 people.
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One thought on “Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. I absolutely love Utah and one of my favorite hiking states. Your pictures caught the beauty for sure so inviting need to return soon. Next time your in Salt Lake City check out Antelope Island (post on my blog). Another hidden gem.

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