After lunch we travelled onto Monument Valley. We arrived late afternoon and were taken on a minibus ride into the Valley. The windows of the mini bus were removed and we went down the road at a fair rate of knots, bumping and bouncing around.  We were given a tour by a Navajo who sang us a song he was learning.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a Navajo National tribal park, straddling the border of northeastern Arizona and southeastern Utah of the Colorado Plateau.  It covers an area of 28.7 square miles and its name means “Valley of the Rocks”. It preserves the Navajo way of life and some of the most striking and recognizable landscapes of sandstone buttes, mesas and spires in the entire Southwest.
We stopped off a couple of points on our trip down the valley, where there were market traders selling jewellery.
As we returned back up the valley it was very dustyand  the sun was setting which gave the monuments beautiful colours.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley
We spent the night at a Hampton Inn in Kayenta. Kayenta is part of the Navajo reserve, so there was no alcohol available.  Though you could get non-alcoholic Merlot!

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  1. Love love love these parks! I have been in Utah twice and visited the other parks on your list, but I have not been in Monument Valley yet. Looks beautiful!

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